Another Structure: Shawn Coyne’s Story Grid

As a story structure geek, I’ve been thrilled to learn from Larry Brooks over at Storyfix.

And just as thrilled to discover the work of Shawn Coyne, by way of Steven Pressfield’s site.

An acquisitions editor for a million years, Shawn knows what it takes for a book to succeed. He knows what makes a story work, which is, as Larry keeps saying, the bare minimum, the ante, for this game. And he’s teaching it, a bit at a time, at

The image below is the story grid for Silence of the Lambs which, though I have not indulged in either book or movie, is a classic example of story done right, according to Shawn.

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9 Sentences, 15 Chapters, and the Math of Structure

Geeking out on story structure today. As you know, I got all excited about Larry’s 9 sentences.

photo by PinkyellJM few days ago Shawn Coyne shared some calculations for story structure at Steven Pressfield’s site.

So of course I had to see how I could line them up: Shawn’s 15 chapters and Larry’s 9 sentences.

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