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Look My Way: The Song That Confuses

Even the seasoned songwriters I shared this with when I wrote it 5½ years ago couldn’t come up with the mental image I thought was obvious.

Ah, language; so utterly inadequate sometimes.

After all this time I still haven’t decided if the title is Waiting or Look My Way. I’ll leave you to sort what you think it’s about.

You can listen to ‘Look My Way’ right here:

(guitar and lyrics by Joel D Canfield; vocal by Frances Riley; music by Joel D Canfield and Frances Riley)

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Repetition. Habit. Disruption. Pattern.

Looks like I consistently have a hard time posting on Sundays.

When habits fail we look at causes; disruption, patterns, outliers.

Sunday morning my schedule is different from Monday through Friday.

Ah ha!

Except, it’s almost identical to Saturday’s schedule, and I don’t have a problem posting Saturdays.

But I post on Saturday afternoon. And Sunday afternoon ends in supper at my Mom’s, which doesn’t happen Saturdays.

I think I need to dig some more.

What’s disrupting your habits? How does it affect your writing?

photo by Dora Pete