Your Author Website: Choosing a Good WordPress Theme

Big fan of WordPress. I use it for all my sites and for Spinhead’s clients’ sites as well. As a writer you’ll note the correct use of apostrophes in that sentence. (See below for the difference between and and trust me, you want to know this.)

Choosing a theme seems to be a massive roadblock to beginners.

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Theme (Story Engineering and Physics #3 of 12)

Part of a series of posts on story engineering based on the book of that title and its companion volume Story Physics.

Story Engineering & Story PhysicsIf you ask someone “What is The Lord of the Rings about?” and their answer could just as easily apply to The Magnificent Seven (that is, a band of unlikely heroes comes together to save some weaker realm) what they are talking about is concept.

If their answer has to do with destroying a ring, and hobbits and wizards and elves and dwarves, they are talking about plot or character.

If their answer has to do with good versus evil and how even the smallest act of good control over evil they are talking about theme.

Theme is what our story means in the big picture of life. It is, perhaps, the lesson we hope readers will take away. It is how life is explained by our story — or how our story is explained by life.

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