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Doors (Excerpt from an Unpublished Work)

c'mon in!No one door opens and closes properly. Some do one or the other quite nicely. Some do neither.

The front door technically opens and closes just fine, but since we don’t have a key for it, well, there’s that. The screen door (no longer a storm door because half of the glass is missing) has to be kicked open and closed, which we wouldn’t except the mailbox is hanging right there beside it.

The nice solid pine doors on the coat closet, which match the solid pine walls in the dining room/office, open just fine, but neither will really close. Continue reading “Doors (Excerpt from an Unpublished Work)”

Ginger and the Mouse

This is an excerpt from an unpublished work.

Ginger's shipIt was summer and they were crossing the sea. It was pleasant sailing. There was nothing exciting going on. Which meant that after napping 18 hours a day, Ginger was bored. When he got bored he looked around to see if anything exciting was happening. And if nothing exciting was happening, he looked around to see if he could make something exciting happen.

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The Music – Excerpt from an Unpublished Coming of Age Novel

The Music

When he first realized that no one else heard the music, he went to his room, sat on the bed, and stared at the closet door. It had never occurred to him that he was a freak, walking around with this noise in his head all the time.

the music

When his father used to tell him to turn off the record player and enjoy the peace and quiet, he’d been too baffled to respond. Continue reading “The Music – Excerpt from an Unpublished Coming of Age Novel”

Ginger and the Captain Part 2 – from an Unpublished Work

GingerGinger had been sitting very still, looking through the kitchen door, hoping he could dash through the kitchen door when it was open and out through the dining room. But he could never tell when the door was going to open. Boom! It would open and someone would come through. Then it would just slam shut again.

He started to get worried and without realizing it he stood up. When he moved, the chef saw him out of the corner of his eye. He looked up and there was a cat in his kitchen! The chef screamed in Japanese and he threw a great big meat cleaver at Ginger. Continue reading “Ginger and the Captain Part 2 – from an Unpublished Work”

The Shower – From an Unpublished Work

shower of painI looked up as the shower needled my I suppose lower chest would be correct though not necessarily medically or anatomically accurate (I apologize in advance to those who know what things are called for being fairly loose in my terminology — but just this once). As I say, I looked up and noticed that the mini-blind wand (see previous apology) was inside the shower as was I.

At first it seemed as though the blinds had been installed a bit too wide at the top and cut to width around the shower. Further reflection during my aqueous impalement suggested another answer for the strange inverted L shape. It appeared that the almost human-sized glass box I was in had been installed after the window and blinds already existed.

Since the bathroom was only just larger than many showers I have used in the past, perhaps originally the entire room was used for bathing with, perhaps, a drain in the center of the floor. Continue reading “The Shower – From an Unpublished Work”

Ginger and the Captain – An Excerpt From an Unpublished Work

GingerThe following is an excerpt from an unpublished children’s story. It’s transcribed from the recording of me telling the story to our Little One. Completely unedited at this point. The illustration is a sketch by Davina Kinney, who just might illustrate the series of 30 Ginger stories I’ve written.

The first Ginger story was about Ginger the Captain’s cat. Ginger lives on a sailing ship and he belongs to the Captain of the ship.

Ginger went everywhere with the Captain of the ship. When they would stop at a port Ginger always rode with the sailors when they went into town and Ginger would always find something interesting to do. He liked meeting new cats and seeing people and looking at what was going on. He enjoyed traveling the world.

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