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Take Your Days Off

It’s easy to look around on a Sunday afternoon and think of all the stuff that needs done.

What’s hard is to look inside myself and see what needs done.

We’ve started scheduling alternating Fridays off. Best Beloved and her son and I rotate every third week. No work, no responsibilities other than what we choose. It’s a day to do what fills us, not others.

Weekends have been that way for quite a while. We don’t work weekends. Except, some things I do because they fill me, not others.

Don’t just plan days off. Take ’em. Decide what “off” means to you, and stick to it.


2 thoughts on “Take Your Days Off

  1. A man after my own heart. On Sundays, we rise early, go to church, go out to lunch with close friends, and when we get home, we just chill out. Great opportunity to do, NOTHING! Hope you had a great Sunday, but, of course you did! Blessings.

    1. We spent the morning in spiritual activities, and the afternoon helping Sue’s son James move into his new studio a few blocks away. Far too many people came to help move his tiny bit of stuff. Finished in one trip, and then we all came back here for pizza and a board game about words (Apples to Apples) and had a grand time.

      Woke up this morning ready to tear into the day like I really mean it.

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