That Frustration and Despair You Feel Right Now Will Pass. Honest.

This post originally appeared at Finding Why.

poorly trained sea lionIt feels like no matter how many ways and times you try, you measure your progress in millimeters, not miles.

Every time you stick your finger in one hole in the dike, another leak appears.

What you knew was a work of genius yesterday, today looks like the work of a poorly trained sea lion.

You feel drained, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, creatively. If you read one more story about some emerging genius who’s running a $20 million company at age 25 you’ll explode. You’d just like to make the car payment on time. Or at all.

Know this: it gets better. Really it does. You look back and realise that those millimeters per day have turned into miles per hour. There are fewer and fewer leaks. That work of genius turns back into a work of genius, now that you think about it. You’re resting better, eating better, taking time for yourself and your loved ones.

And when does all this happen? In the future. Obviously. Not today. Maybe not even tomorrow.

But it happens. Because you are smart, persistent, talented, and surrounded by people who are committed to seeing you succeed. Just ask them. Ask them to say three words they think about you. Ask them to help with that one thing that’s making you crazy.

You are not alone, except inside your head, where all those marvelous dreams are churning and growing and blending into the thing you’re going to create, because of the person you’ve chosen to be.

9 thoughts on “That Frustration and Despair You Feel Right Now Will Pass. Honest.

  1. Great timing on this post. I look at an editing task before me now, and part of me wants to crawl in a hole, stick my head in the sand, or both. :) I’ll slug through it, but it sure is daunting at this point.

  2. What a powerful post! Thank for reminding us that it does get better. We might not see it in the near future, but eventually, we will. This past month, I was commissioned to write a log line and synopsis, by a powerful producer, for a major film. Needles to say, after so many re-writes, I could not fathom a light at the end of the tunnel. I prevailed, wrote the thing, and to my relief, it was sent out to the funding sources, based in China, Canada, and Nevada. It did get better! Blessings.

    1. One thing I wish I’d had more of when I was in my darkest struggles was simply another voice telling me it would get better. If I can be that voice for someone else, what a joy.

      And congratulations!

  3. Thank you. You’re right.
    But why does it take someone else to help us see it?

    I am better. But still have a long way to go.

    Glad I saw this. (and glad you wrote it.)

    (maybe I should write something too.)

    1. Have you noticed how few creatures are aware that’s them in the mirror?

      We’re different, but not always. We all see a funhouse distortion of ourselves, if we look at all.

      It’s one reason we were designed to live in communities, not entirely solo.

      Go do stuff, eh?

    1. H’ray! I mean that it was here when you needed it.

      Tell me more about that. Struggling? You’ve got a whole community here who’d love to say reassuring things to help you get up tomorrow and do what needs doing about your art.

      1. Aw thanks!

        Well when I wrote that comment, I was mostly frustrated about editing a chapter of my book, but then I had a million things to do, a lot of work, and I couldn’t find time to work on my art for days…

        Next week should be better! Except for the fact that I will need to go to the dentist because one of my teeth self-destructed yesterday.

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