9 thoughts on “That Frustration and Despair You Feel Right Now Will Pass. Honest.

  1. Great timing on this post. I look at an editing task before me now, and part of me wants to crawl in a hole, stick my head in the sand, or both. :) I’ll slug through it, but it sure is daunting at this point.

  2. What a powerful post! Thank for reminding us that it does get better. We might not see it in the near future, but eventually, we will. This past month, I was commissioned to write a log line and synopsis, by a powerful producer, for a major film. Needles to say, after so many re-writes, I could not fathom a light at the end of the tunnel. I prevailed, wrote the thing, and to my relief, it was sent out to the funding sources, based in China, Canada, and Nevada. It did get better! Blessings.

    1. One thing I wish I’d had more of when I was in my darkest struggles was simply another voice telling me it would get better. If I can be that voice for someone else, what a joy.

      And congratulations!

  3. Thank you. You’re right.
    But why does it take someone else to help us see it?

    I am better. But still have a long way to go.

    Glad I saw this. (and glad you wrote it.)

    (maybe I should write something too.)

    1. Have you noticed how few creatures are aware that’s them in the mirror?

      We’re different, but not always. We all see a funhouse distortion of ourselves, if we look at all.

      It’s one reason we were designed to live in communities, not entirely solo.

      Go do stuff, eh?

    1. H’ray! I mean that it was here when you needed it.

      Tell me more about that. Struggling? You’ve got a whole community here who’d love to say reassuring things to help you get up tomorrow and do what needs doing about your art.

      1. Aw thanks!

        Well when I wrote that comment, I was mostly frustrated about editing a chapter of my book, but then I had a million things to do, a lot of work, and I couldn’t find time to work on my art for days…

        Next week should be better! Except for the fact that I will need to go to the dentist because one of my teeth self-destructed yesterday.

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