8 thoughts on “The Hook (#1 of 12 Sentences)

  1. Hi!

    I’m using the 12 Sentences technique right now, for the first time. Sentence #1 – The Hook has given me a brand new shiny opening scene for my novel. Now, on to the other sentences.

    Also, I went to your Pathfinding Session page and it doesn’t show a $150 Session currently. Was this a ‘sale’ I missed? :)



    1. 1. H’ray!
      2. Ouch! We just changed all the prices, but since this was still here because I forgot to change it, I’d love to offer you the pre-November price for the 12 Sentences Pathfinding Session: $50. Not one-fifty, just fifty.

      Of course, you’re welcome to go through just as you are, but if you’d like the structured feedback, you’ll love the process. Just email now@somedaybox.com and I’m delighted to work with you on it. (Right after I go update the prices in other places ;)

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