The Ongoing Experiment: Chasing Change

step by stepIf you scroll down and look left, you’ll see the 16 most popular posts here at Someday Box.

7 are from the “story in 9 sentences” series.

7 are my core marketing posts.

The other two are a guest post from Rosanne Bane and a meander about Nero Wolfe. I know why the former is on the list. The latter, no idea.

Seems to indicate where interest lies: getting stuff written, and getting stuff sold.

More specifically, tools to make the writing and marketing processes less “random willpower-driven flailing” and more follow-the-steps.

In the spirit of endless experimentation to find the sweet spot between what I have to say and what you want to hear, it’s time for a course correction.

In order to focus better and write deeper on those topics, I’m going to cut back to blogging twice a week: Mondays and Wednesdays. I’d love to say it’s going to be Marketing Monday and Writing Wednesday, but I’m not sure about that yet.

I’m also going to upgrade the newsletter to more than a recap of the posts. Those links will be provided, but the newsletter will have a deeper dive that won’t appear on the blog. If you’re not signed up for the newsletter yet, this is the time to consider looking to the left, there under the Someday Box logo, for the signup form.

To make this transition as painless as possible for me, I’m starting the Monday/Wednesday schedule now (meaning no post tomorrow, Friday) but not starting the fatter newsletter until next week. Hey, even school kids get summer vacation.

It brings me joy to share what I know, to hear your comments and read your work and share mine with you. I can’t keep up the pace of a post a day (with any level of quality) and give my own books the attention they deserve.

4 thoughts on “The Ongoing Experiment: Chasing Change

  1. Smart move.

    I post my blogs once a week. It’s a more sane schedule for my hectic busy life. Anything more would burn me out…and the last thing I want is to be burned out!

    So far I have enough blog titles to last until January 2015.

  2. A special shout out to your wife, Sue, she’s the one responsible for posting them on time every Monday. Oh….by the way…you still need to answer the question on my recent blog: how do YOU invent character names? Inquiring minds want to know!

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