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The Serious Downgrading of the Phoenix Springtime Author Event

I assure you it will be NOTHING like thisI gave myself until September 1 to make a firm decision about a possible author event here in Phoenix in the spring of 2017.

Right now I can’t commit to a full-scale convention with speakers and workshops. What I can commit to is something much, much smaller: a simple meet and greet.

Coffee? Tea? Marketing?

We’re going to choose a venue (or two: one daytime coffee shop, one evening brew pub) and a date in March, and Sue and I will spend the day and evening waiting for y’all to show up.

We’ll talk writing or marketing or whatever you like. We’ll make arrangements with the venue not to throw us out if we get too loud or stay too long, and to let us set up books to sell, if you’d like that.

I know it won’t make sense for many of you to make a long trek to Phoenix just for that. I understand. I wish I could create something more, and perhaps in the future I will.

For now, please let me know if this sounds mildly intriguing, utterly impossible for you, or a complete waste of time. Also know that I am probably the most disappointed about this not happening as I’d dreamed.

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2 thoughts on “The Serious Downgrading of the Phoenix Springtime Author Event

  1. Hey Joel! So what you can’t see it happening right now, it’ll clear up later!! You know you make things happen, and Sue makes things happen, so don’t worry about the timing, okay?? I hate to see you disappointed… Nah, I can’t make it down. But what you’re suggesting there sounds really fun, so do it. :)

    I sure wish you guys the very best of fortune and luck and all that, whatever you decide to put out there. Be in touch!


    1. Oh yes indeedy.

      Now that our annual trek to NorCal doesn’t have to happen for the Little One (her goal in life lives in Tucson now) we’ll have to plan a trip up the coast just for the fun of that. Plan an event in Sacramento and call it a business trip?

      Say hey to K, eh?

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