Think Like a Writer (You Want This Book)

Think-Like-a-WriterMy friend, sometime lyricist, and most excellent editor Tom Bentley has finally released a book on writing.

Think Like a Writer: How to Write the Stories You See is both practical and entertaining. Much like its author, come to think of it.

I’ll let Tom tell you about it:

Think Like a Writer (and Go from Perception to Page)

Think Like a Writer will corral your writing ideas—and saddle up the stories you’ve always wanted to write. Do you love language, and how words work to thrill, convince, dazzle, excite?

Every writer, whether a beginner or a veteran, has a combination of perspective, experience and ability that produces a point of view that’s theirs alone. Think Like a Writer supplies tools, strategies and prompts that will bring your unique perspective to life on the page.

Whether you tell your stories to your children, your business partners, your customers or the world, this book can help you tell them with eloquence, power and persuasion. And in the voice that’s uniquely your own. With humor and clarity, Think Like a Writer will jump-start your writing work and writing play. Writing should be an exploration, a drawing from your well, not some clotted drudgery! (And sometimes you can even make a living doing that exploring.)

Here’s what’s in the book:

Chapter 1: Don’t Muzzle (or Muffle) Your Writing Voice
What is a writer’s voice? How do you cultivate your own? How your writing influences stake out your unique writing path. How your life perspectives feed life writing.
Chapter 2: A Writer’s Eyes Are Always Open
What do writers see that others don’t? How can they open their eyes even wider? How to bring your vision to the page. Stories are everywhere! Where to turn when your writing voice is strangled. Developing a writing attitude.
Chapter 3: Slipping Through Various Writing Fences
Writing genres. The mingled voices of business copywriting, fiction writing, travel writing, essay writing. Writing niches (and not having a niche).
Chapter 4: Writing Structures: Words, Sentences, Punctuation Marks—Oh My!
The individual weight and feel of words: their textures, sounds, rhythms. Word choices, sentence sounds, how paragraphs work. The pleasures of punctuation. Grammar without grimacing. Writing short, writing humorously, writing with a sense of place. Writing through time. Editing.
Chapter 5: Writing Distractions and Their Discontents
The stereotype of the suffering writer. Writing like there’s no tomorrow. Writing in the Internet age. Tools to soothe the savage writer. How to deal with writing distractions.
Chapter 6: Practical Matters/Resources
Working with editors. Writing queries. Writing contests and writing collaborations. Writing tools, both software and hardware. Reference links for both copywriters and fiction writers.

Read this book, and say, “Yes!” to your creativity.

Get a copy of Think Like a Writer and put your personality on the page.

Read, See and Write—Now!

I’ll second that: for under $6, Tom’s book will give you the vision to become a better writer.

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  1. Joel, that’s most gracious indeed of you to give my book a forum here. And yes, for under $6, I do eye exams as well. (Though I think I give better writing advice.)

    Thanks Joel!

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