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  1. Joel, I think a lot of writers launch too early. Keeping up with a blog is hard work and publishing deadlines will suck the inspiration out of anyone. If it’s posting day and you still haven’t written anything, you either hammer out something dull or miss the deadline (I’ve done both). With my new blog, I loaded up 32 posts and scheduled them to publish every two weeks. It took months to get them tight, but now my blog can run on auto-pilot for over a year. My deadline pressure is zero. A friend produces a podcast twice each month, That’s two out of four weekly posts that she doesn’t have to write a word for. If you’re going to blog, you have to write those posts anyway. If you keep your blog a comfortable interval ahead of your writing, the exercise becomes much more pleasant, the quality of the content improves, and you can listen to the muse instead of the clock ticking.

    1. I’ve always ridden the spontaneity train, but your method is so much better, especially the part about how you listen to the muse instead of the clock ticking. Sue is slowly nudging me toward more prep, less winging.

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