What Are You Writing?

that's no stairway to heavenThis site has 20 to 50 visitors a day (the 50 happens on Fridays.)

I’d love it if every one of you would do me the huge favor of leaving a comment with a note about your current writing project. I’m curious what y’all are doing as writers, not just readers.

If you like, you can also share whether it’s going well or badly, and why you think that might be the case.

Maybe we’ll get 20 to 50 comments. You are all working on something, right?

26 thoughts on “What Are You Writing?

  1. I’m finishing implementing the edits on A Long, Hard Look and then I’m going to tackle the last chapters of Into the Fog which has eluded me since I started ALHL. But at least that’s going well.

  2. I’m editing my third book with the plan to get it out late Aug/early Sept. It’s going slow due to work and life cutting in on writing time, but I’m still making progress bit by bit. I’m finally past the half way mark so that’s a bonus.

  3. I finished my book on Relationship and the first major edit. I have the cover done and all the interior design completed. Right now I have several people reading it in hopes of some comments. Only received one so far but it was quite positive.

  4. I think you know what I’m working on, Joel, already. But something new, perhaps for the near future or perhaps when I finally get Balancing Act done, has come up: My mom and dad’s love letters back and forth from the 40s when he lived in Chicago and she had moved from Kansas to Santa Monica. One of my sisters has ALL of them now!! And I’d love to put these together within the context of my siblings’ past and present lives, where all of us have gone based on what and where we came from. I have found out that my dad actually was on contract with Warner Brothers Studio as a stunt designer (his degree was in mechanical engineering, but this is not what he really wanted to do, it turns out!), and he also did some stunts himself while there. It’s a great, long-ish story, and it includes the fact that my life’s dream was to be an actor, yet my parents — especially Dad — told me “no, because it’s just a pyramid and only the one(s) at the very, very top make any money.” Money. Money. And I’ve been suffering ever since, now acting as a writer, but having the same outcome; I wonder why they said not to do what he had done. I’d like to explore that. It goes on, it’s great. So, yeah, there’s the next book — unless I go back to Hollywood!

  5. I’m 70% done with the Spanish version of Treasure of the Mayan King. Also, I’m done writing my new novel The Golden Scepter. Currently it’s now in Dyego’s hands and he’s polishing the manuscript. Then we send it to Tom Bentley.

    Release date is Fall of 2014.

    I have other projects after that, but I’d like to drink a glass of fine wine when The Golden scepter is finally done!! Years in the making…gah!!

    1. I pushed a copy of Treasure of the Mayan King and Through the Fog to my mom’s kindle last week. She has no clue how to purchase books for her kindle so I troll around looking for good, clean reads for her. Sent her those two to get going on reading again since she stalled out. I loved Through the Fog. And I’m just getting started on my own copy of TMK. :)

  6. Oh….and I forgot to mention my new short story The Missing Capstone is done too. And it’s free at http://www.alexzabala.com
    So this year i will have
    Treasure of the Mayan King- English
    El Tesoro del Rey Maya (Spanish)
    The Missing Capstone
    The Golden Scepter

    I’m thinking of translating all my works.

  7. I had to put my novellas on hold. Currently involved on a film project, and I just received a script, I have been commissioned to re-write. On top of that, my cousin, a published author, with whom I’m co-writing a book, sent 4 additional outlines for the chapters I’m suppose to write.
    Needless to say, I’m very tired. Well, one day at a time. Blessings.

  8. Late to the party Joel, but I’m trying to write the final scene of the story collaboration between Rick W. and me, and to give it the proper pepper it needs. It’s quite a long short story—might top 12,000 words (which to me means it needs trimming).

    But I’ve avoided this the past few days. Today, however, I was editing an ebook on predictive analytics and machine learning—obviously I need to go back to the short story. At least there’s beer there.

    1. Ah, predictive analytics. How much sexier can editing get?

      A TomRick mashup is going to be fun.

      If you need someone to edit it, I’m pretty sure I’m entirely unavailable. Unless, as mentioned, there’s beer in it.

  9. I finished the draft of the second book in my Martin Billings mystery series. It was edited, altered and is now in some reader hands while I arrange promo for the launch in July (pre-release between June and then). Meantime I am mapping out a short story with the same series characters to use to keep readers caring while I write book number three.

    1. How have I missed your books? Under Low Skies sounds like fun.

      Isn’t a series great? I can’t imagine writing a book about people I didn’t want to see again.

  10. Today I had a fun meeting with the amazing people who are going to help me self-publish my very first novel, some sort of fantastic story seen from the point of view of a dragon.

    I also keep working on another fantastic novel… It’s a “choose your own story” type of novel, and I’m writing it with 4 different characters, so it’s going sloooow, but it’s going well!

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