5 thoughts on “Why Children’s Books Aren’t as Easy as You Think

  1. This is a post that’s very close to my heart. (I do have a heart, Joel) Very informative. ( my nose is not growing at this moment) I have written a children’s story that has been read by some adults also. Would love to have it published, but can’t find a reasonable illustrator. My novellas average around 13 to 16 thousand word. I have been told that they are too short. Hey, these are individuals who can’t even write a grocery list. Are these novellas too short, or too long? What’s your take, Mr. Sage. Blessings.

    1. Would you like to talk to my illustrator? She’s busy, but loves talking to authors.

      Publish your novellas digitally. 18,000 words for 99 cents is perfectly reasonable. Gather up 3 of them and put them in print. Rex Stout published 3 novellas of the Nero Wolfe series many times.

      Nobody cares how long your writing is, any more than they care how long a meal lasts. They care whether it’s good, and that’s all they’ll remember — or tell others.

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