Why Willpower Isn’t the Answer

Because I’ve already written extensively about willpower here, I’m going to point you to those articles and some posted elsewhere by various experts in the field.

  1. Willpower is a limited and exhaustible resource. This article I wrote includes some meaningful quotes and a few links to other useful resources.
  2. A good general article at Grammarly. Not long, well worth reading.
  3. From Wired, The Willpower Trick. (The trick is exactly what I’ve said for years: make it irrelevant.)
  4. From Psychology Today, How to Boost Your Willpower. Practical processes and actions.
  5. What I Think of Willpower

    In the end, no matter what you do to strengthen, preserve, ration, or otherwise control your willpower, it is not the solution to a lifelong habit of writing.

    And I just gave away the answer to “What is?”

    More on that tomorrow.

One thought on “Why Willpower Isn’t the Answer

  1. Joel, great quote here! I think so anyway, and I wrote it out just for you. :)
    It’s from the Daodejing, this one (of the many) a translation by a couple of English guys, or maybe they’re American, or maybe not, and who cares. This quote is just part of Ch. 43:

    “it is, thus, that the ‘softest’ are in fact the hardest, and the thing that offers the least resistance penetrates the deepest.”

    Cool, eh?

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