2 thoughts on “Write with Your Heart, Edit with Your Head

  1. I decided to write a survivor/recovery memoir, 8 years ago now. I was all happy writing in the beginning. Then I got a beta reader and she told me I was not writing it correctly. What I had written would be fine for family but not what a reader would want to know. I hadn’t given them any ‘take aways’ about why I was writing the memoir. So I stalled while trying to understand, reading books and whatever I could find on writing a memoir.
    When I started up again last year, feeling my way, trouble developed in our home. I managed to get on with the memoir in the right way early this year. The core material is my journal writing of 25 years ago. I’m stuck now about how much to reveal about my personal relationship with my partner during the years of recovery. Also how to explain how I went about searching for self after the accidents that gave me a brain injury (the reason for the memoir). I’ve been using back story to show how different life was before my accidents and why I felt as I did afterwards.

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