10 thoughts on “Writing Creates Reality

  1. In many ways that is why our characters come alive. At first they are make believe, dancing around in our heads, but once written down and tossed into a story they become as real as the person next to you. It’s easy to see how some of us get depressed when our book is finished. Who wants to say goodbye?

      1. Hey Joel,

        Yes I did. What I found interesting is that I became the victim of the memory that I am ashamed of. I saw their eyes and felt their disappointment. A writer’s mind is interesting, isn’t it.

          1. A lot of it might be the fear of facing your demons. Reminds me of the movie Flatliners.

          2. Absolutely. What makes that fear most powerful is when we’re unconscious of it. When we can see an enemy we can assess his strengths and consider the possibility we might win, or at least, consider how to attack. The fear we’re unaware of is an invisible snare: we get stuck, but we can’t see why.

          3. You’re shoving my brain into the rabbit hole, my friend. Toss me a rope!!!!!

          4. Here’s the rope I just clumb (ain’t that the past tense of climb? no? okay)

            Seth Godin’s The Icarus Deception. Brilliant book about getting over the fear of flying too high, getting over the fear of what others think when we create.

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