6 thoughts on “Your Writing Environment (#1 of 6 Tools to Write)

  1. Great information and beyond the creative and comfort benefits, a good environment contributes to the well being of your body. I experienced problems with my knees and visited an astute chiropractor who gave me some great advice about setting up my work area. Improving the relationship between the chair, keyboard, and monitor made a world of difference in a short time. And, it certainly facilitates getting lost in your work for long periods.

    As the IT Manager for a large hotel I deal with over 100 computer users on our network and often have to spend time at their workstation. Many, if not most, are totally uncomfortable and difficult to use even for a few minutes. The work being done at these workstations may not be creative but it is definitely complex and requires concentration. It’s have to imagine spending 90 minutes at these workstations, much less a full day.


    1. I was in IT for years and saw the same thing: people will sit, hunched and twisted, because that’s how it was set up when they arrived, and besides, this is work, it’s not supposed to feel good.

      Last place I worked, they took ergonomics seriously. They worked with health insurance companies and were part of the Pacific Business Group on Health, operated by some people who really care. It was great to have full support in providing comfortable workspace for folks.

      This follows the 80/20 rule, too. Find one thing you can change about each of those aspects, and you’ll earn 80% of the benefits you’re going to get. Simple, but the trick is to stop and do it.

  2. Great post, as always. I do follow your recommended tools, with the exception of seating, (I really need a new chair) and sound. I need music playing in the background, as this unique sound brings about, a relaxing atmosphere.
    Speaking of Ergonomics, Insurance companies hired my services, as we set up comfortable work stations for injured workers. It was a very humbling, but gratifying experience. Blessings.

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